Bainframe, an independent TV and film development and production company, is launching a new brand of optimistic science fiction for the big and small screen. The goal: to re-ignite man’s desire to “go where no man has gone before,” as “Star Trek” famously promised.

Bainframe acquires and develops existing literary properties from science fiction’s most notable authors.

What is optimistic science fiction?

In the last few decades, there has been a glut of dystopian, end-of-the-world stories, filled with plagues, zombies, super-villains and mass destruction. The stories that Bainframe is interested in telling look at things from a different point of view. They are more grounded and realistic; they focus on the possibilities that the future holds; and they inspire people to dream of a better tomorrow.

ALLEN BAIN - Founder/President

Allen Bain has been obsessed with science and science fiction for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he got his 4th grade class together and directed his first film - a sci-fi epic on VHS called LYNX - the footage has been lost forever; as a teen he began studying film-making and science more seriously; and as an adult he has had an extensive career as a creative producer in feature films.

Now, combining his extensive experience with his passion for telling optimistic stories about the speculative future, he’s focused on sharing his vision for elevated science fiction in film & TV.

Photo by Tokichiro/iStock / Getty Images